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Hi! Come join your imagination with mine as my characters share their stories with you. By experiencing some of my world, while offering insights from your own, together we can enhance the reading experience.

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My Novels and screenplays cover various genres including paranormal, action adventure, comedy, thriller, science fiction, horror, drama, speculative, and romance.

“If you commit to reading books by Stuart Land you must forget all you know, suspend preconceived notions and let yourself go. Some may call his writing fantasy or sci-fi but it’s a mixture of genres. To me it’s a creative mind weaving together an unimaginable event or events and sculpting it into a parallel reality.” (Amazon reviewer)

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Social Network

Come on, admit it. Social Networking, a sub-set of Social Media, is a  HUGE time-suck. This is probably the biggest downside to SN (along with the fact that everything in SM is acronymed). The reason SN and SM is such a time-suck is because it’s addictive, every bit as its completely unrelated…

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