It’s about the food!

Well, look it. You aren’t the only ones who might think it odd to restart my blog after two and half years yakking about food. I had nary intention. It basically came about because of the interview with me that just went live over on Lucy Pireel’s blog ( For some reason, she got on about pilfering recipes from me in the guise of concern about my eating habits. I casually assured her that sushi needed no recipe since it consisted only of fish, rice, and seaweed. Then, of course, I started salivating just thinking about it, and realised to my horror, that sushi was indeed a true art form, and me scoffing pernicious asides about the virtues of its construction, might bring the wrath of the big G, Godzilla himself, stomping down on me. (There’s actually  a fairly monstrous likeness of said beast not far from where I reside, and on some late nights I could swear he’s given me the evil eye as I rode past on my motorbike.)

So, to keep this heart-wrenching topic from wetting too many eyes (or whetting too many appetites), I’ll wind it up with a poignant shot of my two favorite sushi dishes, side by side: The Dragon Roll, and The Godzilla Roll.

Sushi Chiang Mai Style

Now that I’ve broken my literal and figurative fasts, I’ll be back shortly with another heart-stopping blog post that will continue to make you wonder why I picked up the figurative pen again to disrupt the gentle currents of the Neterverse.

Stuart Land

I am a multi-genre novelist, screenwriter, and multi-medium sculptor. I have worked in the Fine Arts, and the Movie Industry.


  1. Now, this looks very, very familiar… (drool, drool…)
    I loved reading the interview a while ago. Like you I too had to LOL.

    I have Epiphany, so if I am the ‘chosen one’ you choose one of your jewels for me, OK?

    It’s cold on my tropical Thai island, below 65 F… last night I dreamed of my thermo pj’s.

    Happy Easter, writer!

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