Heart Full

This is almost a piece of flash fiction. It’s less than a 1000 words. It’s experimental in that it is devoid of complication and baring. It is the essence of storytelling. But it is complete. This time, the pictures are only in the words. I get so many ideas all the time, I can’t really say how this one came about. I think it materialized as I was writing it. Which may make me just an animated tool of cosmic force. I can live with that.


Heart Full

She waded through the lush aquamarine of the countryside on her way back home. The warmth of the light against her face and body curved her lips into an unconscious smile. She felt no distinction between herself and the enormity of all that surrounded her. Amber hills and valleys twined round one another in mutual conformity, silvery brooks and streams moistening their crevices.  The multitude of tiny creatures that swarmed the air currents, kissed her body with the same reverence she gave in return as she lightly brushed her hands through great clouds of them.

With tender smile she approached the ford of a languid stream as a deep woods family of animals gathered on the opposite bank. They seemed to nod at her presence when she arrived, then began to drink. The adolescents of the breeds danced around her, nudging her hands until she patted their heads or stroked their fur. She waded knee deep through the cool water and continued over the ridge toward her village, her feet and legs wiped dry by the swaying pasture.

He waved to her when she was still far off at the crest of the hill. Always on the lookout for him when she gained the zenith, her face still radiated surprised happiness, as it did every time she saw him. She rushed down the slope, drawing a narrow vee in the parting blades that waked out behind her in undulating ripples. She leapt into the air with a joyous shout as they met, body to body, arms and legs twirling about each other, lips finding lips, hair blending together with their very essence. Their rhythmic movements faded into the grasses they emulated.

Hand-in-hand on their leisurely walk back home, they came upon two others. The same bright glow shown in their faces as upon he and she.

“And where were you both off to today,” one asked?

“I followed the hills and valleys all day, until just recently,” she replied.

“And I stayed here to make things for the house,” he said. “What about you?”

“We played in the lake and picnicked on the opposite hill overlooking the village,” the other he said.

“This is a happy day,” the other she said.

“Everyday,” she said.

They took each other’s hands and began the walk toward the village.

“And, tonight,” he spoke brightly. “What will we be doing, tonight?”

“We will tell stories to the animals of the field, then sleep beneath the sky,” the other she said.

“That sounds lovely,” she said. “We will stay indoors tonight and make love.”

“You can come along and do that with us, if you’d like,” the other he said.

“How about tomorrow night,” he and she said in unison, then laughed out loud at each other.

Well, maybe,” the other he said as they approach his and her front door. “Tomorrow is the lottery, you know.”

They all nodded, for no words were needed after that. The friends continued on as he and she retired inside. A plentiful table was set for her return and it livened her face when she saw what he had prepared.

She smiled up at him and kissed his lips. “You always know what I like.”

“Of course.” He kissed her back. “Is tomorrow a concern for you?” he asked suddenly.

She smiled at him as she sat in the chair he offered. “No, not at all,” she lied. She reached for the bread and spilled the wine.


He awoke the next morning, the warmth of light upon him, and yawned, smiling at the pleasure of being awake, invigorated to the core. He snuggled to her, their bodies in perfect fit. She turned her open eyes to him. He knew, but continued with his hope anyway.

“I will come with you today, to walk the hills.”

She smiled at him and gently kissed his lips. “I have been chosen.”

He imagined their walk along the crest of hills, running and shouting yelps of joy within the deep woods, splashing in the streams, these memories, countless times fulfilled, now ended.

“Then, I am sure to come soon,” he said unconvincingly, smiling through his eyes.

“That is not our choice.”

He took her face in his hands.

“Why has the joy left you?” he asked, knowing that there was no answer.

“My heart is full. That is why I was chosen.” She kissed his lips. “I have to become empty, again.”

His luminous face clouded over. “I will never become full, now.”

She snuggled her face into his neck, for that was a truth to which she had no remedy. She spoke gently into his ear.

“Will you love me until I am gone?

“And after,” he said.


She stood on the crest of the hill she had run down the day before. On every summit stood an other, arms uplifted to the sky, like hers. As with the others that surrounded the village from on high, her face and body radiated the expectation that only eternity can offer. The warmth of their smiles fused with the ambient light that saturated the air and being of every soul offering themselves back to material essence. Then, they were gone.


At 8:57 AM, life came with a sharp pain and sudden gasp. Her cries came as unrecognized pleas.

“It’s a girl,” the doctor said.






Stuart Land

I am a multi-genre novelist, screenwriter, and multi-medium sculptor. I have worked in the Fine Arts, and the Movie Industry.


  1. I confused you with an other writer, but it was actually you who wrote this. I read this a couple of weeks ago and it had me completely, I was very moved. What a beautiful ‘poem’, most impressive piece I’ve read lately.

    Not being polite, btw 😉


  2. this story is truly wonderful, Stuart! I love the ending. I like the way Bono puts it best on the source of inspiration:when God walks through the room. Very cosmic indeed!

  3. Thank you, Jodie, for your kind remarks. And thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Stuart,

    Great writing. Very sensual. I enjoyed it.

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