EPIPHANY – chilling book trailer

This is my very first book trailer for my novel, EPIPHANY, created for me by Alexandar Tomov (tomovwriter@abv.bg). I think he did a brilliant job. (The trailer uses my old book cover, but the insides are the same.)

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EPIPHANY – book trailer


Stuart Land

I am a multi-genre novelist, screenwriter, and multi-medium sculptor. I have worked in the Fine Arts, and the Movie Industry.


  1. I agree that Alexandar Tomov did a great job on the trailer. I’m also of the opinion that you gave him an amazing story to work from. Kudos to you both! Looking forward to reading more of your works in the near future!

  2. The trailer is excellent, Stuart. Thanks for using my quote. I read Original Blood: Gailene’s Vow, but have not yet posted to Amazon. I’m going to read it again.

    • Thank you, my darling. For months, I didn’t even know that quote came from you. I’m so happy it did. Also, thanks for giving Gailene’s Vow another read-through. The sequel, Szejna’s Revenge, is out now. I’m now plotting the third book in the series, Taryn’s Sorrow.

  3. Bloody brilliant trailer Stewart.
    If that doesn’t garner interest then I’m not sure what will.
    All the best with Epiphany, may she be an international best seller and keep millions of people wide awake.
    *Bites n Kisses*

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Vampirique! Especially thankful for the “bites & kisses.” Can’t get enough of those. My next trailer is going to be for ORIGINAL BLOOD: Gailene’s Vow, book one of my vampire series. I hope you’ve read it already, being as you’re Vampirique.

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