I have attended two series of writer’s workshops offered by Stuart Land during 2007 and 2008. These introductory workshops were invaluable to me as a student-writer. Thanks to Stuart’s detailed feedback on assignments, I have learned to detect and critique strengths and weaknesses in my writing and that of my fellow students. Stuart’s advice on how to structure and plot writing has been especially helpful to me in planning or changing short stories.

Stuart has a policy of teaching small groups, which allows him to give plenty of time and help to each student. This is an ideal learning environment. All students are encouraged to comment on each other’s work. This process actively promotes student’s skills in constructive critique and enables students to pin-point areas where they could improve their works.

I recommend Stuart’s teaching to anyone who writes, whether as a professional or a novice.

Marie Burrows,
Australia / Thailand


Thanks, Stuart. I appreciate your effective, reliable and reasonably priced editing service. I also really enjoy your awesome fiction writing!

Philip Wylie


Stuart’s writing workshops are a dynamic, exciting way to both share opinions with fellow writers on each other’s writing while at the same time polish one’s own writing skills through Stuart’s acute editing abilities. Well worth the time and money.

Mo Tejani
“A Chameleon’s Tale” — P.E.N. Book Award Finalist -New York 2007.
citizen of the world


Stuart was my second editor and advisor, the first one to give me constructive advice about all the stupid mistakes I had inadvertently inserted into my first novel. He let me know what just sounded silly, or inappropriate; which paragraphs went nowhere; and that I had left out narrative that needed to be there. Stuart let me know when I had written something well, and how to say other things better, if at all. He showed me what readers do not need to be told by the author, and Stuart showed me where the story was unconvincing. I plan to take his group workshop.

Frank Moore


Stuart Land is a writer of many years’ experience and standing, having written screen plays, two novels and numerous other pieces. Hugely versatile in styles and genres, Stuart is also a trenchant critic, offering sometimes radical but always thoughtful solutions to challenges in writing. If you are seeking a ‘no-pain, no-gain’, hard-work class to improve your writing and your attitude to it, you could do no better.

Jonathan McKeown


I have self-published three children’s books which I thoroughly enjoyed writing but was keen to move into the Adult Fiction market. Having no experience in this field and anxious to get as much formal advice as I could before starting my first novel, I decided to attended a “Writers Workshop” run by Stuart Land.

Joining the 6 week course half way through I found the instruction so informative and stimulating that I attended a second course a few weeks later. Despite being a published author, I had no idea how little I knew about the finer points of writing a good novel and the amount of information I learned was quite astounding.

As a direct result of Stuart’s workshop, I have now started my first adult fiction novel and I am delighted with the progress. The “Show, don’t tell” technique that Stuart explains so well, has improved my writing immeasurably and I am confident that my new novel will be worthy of publication when it is completed; in which case I will have only Stuart to thank.

Philip Ward


As a writer attempting to write my first novel, participating in Stuart’s workshop was invaluable. The climate of the sessions was marvelous. Stuart combined a wonderful blend of teaching and facilitating interaction between participants that allowed me to learn and grow. He possesses excellent knowledge of both the basics of writing and the ability to work with people at various stages in their writing ability. The value gained was immeasurable for me.

Roxy Pestello


A fastidious and diligent editor, Stuart not only covers the big picture, but also sweats the minutiae of your writing. From theme to plot, through character and dialogue, down to a microscopic evaluation of your prose: Stuart’s advice is invaluable, whatever you write, whatever stage you’re at.

Gary Boyle


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